Monday, March 02, 2009

Violet Banana Fruit... and a perfectly balmy day

Fresco Watercolor Painting on Board, 8" X 8"
Painting can be purchased for $125 plus $6 s/h: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

I'm very inspired today...woke up to really balmy weather here in working on a new oil painting that incorporates the dramatic mountains of Oahu and the weather is adding the perfect ambiance to my working environment. It's supposed to rain but I have my studio windows open and the scraping of the palm fronds that surround my house are the perfect sound. There's a slight breeze. The outside temp is really comfortable. As I write this blog from my office below, I am also listening to the sound of the waterfall in our pond.

The particular piece that I'm working on today is an Oahu North Shore scene that is from the viewpoint of Sunset Beach area looking in the direction of the mountains that loom over Waimea Bay.

During my last trip in January, I was really awestruck by the intense beauty of the mountains, which has never been a subject that I've been taken with before. It's tempting to try to catch every detail in every crag and nook but I know better than that...that softening up the details in the distance adds a more balanced feeling of hoping to make a lot of progress on this painting today and perhaps bring it to a point where it can sit and dry in my studio for a while.


PAT MEYER -- said...

You have a wonderful color sense. It makes this painting just glow.

Jenny Floravita said...

Thank you, Pat!

Roxanne Steed said...

another snow day here in CT & I'm really missing tropical color. Oahu in January was probably my favorite trip ever (and I'm having flashbacks right now). Beautiful paintings!!

Jenny Floravita said...

Thanks, Roxanne, I'm missing Oahu right now, as well. Yesterday Oahu was my subject for an 18x24 and I think it will again be my subject today. It's a beautiful island and I'm really taken by the dramatic mountain ranges.

Roxanne Steed said...

and how you can swim in the ocean in January, be up to your neck in water & see your feet! The water is so clear, everything is sooo beautiful there!

Jenny Floravita said...

Oh, I know!!! We're going to Kauai (my husband's fav) in March and I cannot wait but still, there is much to do before then. I have shows approaching quickly. Roxanne, it would be nice to swim in that beautiful ocean today.