Monday, February 08, 2010

Walk to Queen's Bath on Kauai

6"x6" oil painting titled "Walk to Queen's Bath", awaiting a new home...
Painting can be purchased for $100 plus $6 s/h: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

When you walk down to Queen's Bath on Kauai, you will see this scene once you are at the bottom of the hill and on the impressive lava rock platform. Queen's Bath is further to the left but what really strikes me about this entire area is it's serene beauty in contrast with some incredible ocean crevices where the water rushes in and angrily bubbles like a cauldron. I really need to capture some of those scenes in a large painting.

The lava rock itself is a beauty to behold. It's Hawaii's natural beach! There are little reflective pools of water, left over from the surf that crashes up onto the lava. There is also a beautiful little waterfall that empties into the ocean at this point. I've embellished by adding flowers. I'm looking forward to trekking to Queen's Bath very soon.

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