Monday, November 15, 2010

Trio of commissioned tropical flower paintings

Three 18"x36"" oil paintings on gallery wrapped canvas. Similar paintings can be purchased from: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

I wanted to share with you three lovely tropical flower paintings that I will be installing later today. The middle painting is based on my larger 48"x36" oil, Anthurium Jungle. Each painting had to be strong in composition to stand on it's own and each had to have similar colors so that they can all hang peacefully on the same wall together.

To tie all of the paintings together, I kept the same sunlit hues of greens and yellows in the leaves. The actual leaves are all very different in nature as are the shapes of the flowers. All of the flowers have versions of the same pinks and reds and this worked as well in the birds of paradise piece as they can come in so many different colors.

If my collector ever decides to re-arrange these paintings, hang them in different rooms or add a fourth piece, she can!

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