Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tropical Pink Flower

Oil on canvas, 6" X 8"
Paintings can be purchased for $95 plus s/h: from the artist

Tropical flowers are fun to paint and many of my paintings (of larger size) are of tropical flowers. This particular flower is a heliconia.

Paintings not sold at auction can be purchased for $95 from Jenny Floravita.


Steve Washburn said...

Nice Close up Study!
I like the still water landscapes especially

Anonymous said...

what plant is this? i need to find photos for my art project, thank you

Emily Miller said...

This is the painting I put my own touch on, I love yours so much really amazing. I'm not sure if you make your own colors but that hot pink in DIFFICULT to make I ended up doing it light pink.

Jenny Floravita said...

Thank you, Emily, for your compliments. To answer your question, I always mix my own colors and sometimes colors are really about the illusion of the colors and hues that are next to them.

Ariel said...

hello jenny my name is ariel... i was serching for some art subjects and i came across ur painting and i think it is amazing. i have only been exploring art for a few years and i love it.. as i am only 17 i look for insperation in the classics and the current artist. as i have noticed when u said u put seperate colors together to make an illusion of colors that also happens to b the technique in pointalism. one for of art that i happen to love.. my concintration in art is flowers and if u have any tips on painting them it would b much appriciated. thank you