Saturday, January 02, 2010

Paradise Can Be Yours ...and Optimism in 2010

6"x6" oil painting titled 'Paradise Can Be Yours' drying, awaiting a new home...
Painting can be purchased for $100 plus $6 s/h: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

CNN online has a new poll tonight and the question is: Are you optimistic about 2010? Yes, is my immediate answer and as I write, 73% of the readers who took the toll agree. Working artists tend to be optimistic in general. I think I've written that line a lot lately and it's because when I think about the economy and the business of making and selling art for a living, it's impossible to not acknowledge the perseverance of the artistic spirit.

We working artists tend to have an intense desire to step out of the box and simply 'make' something that may not have function but will definitely add to the ascetic life of the collector. I question myself about this often and yet I have no real answer on why I feel this desire. Artists are born simply wanting to create and to survive, we must present our works to the public. Why some people are born this way and others not is a mystery to me. As a question to myself I sometimes ask: why didn't I have a desire to become something practical, like a dentist, for example. (For the record, my dentist does wonder the same thing when he sees me at my check-ups and remembers that I am an artist). Optimism is definitely a driving force behind keeping the inspiration for art alive.

, there are the odd balls artists that are truly pessimistic (and they are grumpy at exhibitions, complain about everything) and then, yes, there are many manic artists. It's impossible to not have a few of them. Come to think of it, us creative kin probably all display some form of manic or compulsive trait, to say the least.

Artists who create for a living must be full of the feeling that there is a future for their work. Every industry has it's ups and downs and the American artisan movement (my term) is no different. And 2010 will be a much better year for those of us who are still exhibiting. If anything, those of us who are still in the game are even more creative than we were in years past. Our work is better and our ideas in general are more innovative. This is all happening during a time when a big portion of the US is now accustom to buying 'art' and everything else from big box stores at unbelievably cheap prices. This alone has forced us, as a group of modern gypsy artists who travel the posh towns and the internet, to be the best that we can be. Yes, there is still the tent factor (and I have a funny story to share at a later date about that) but basically we are still very viable in the small business world.

About the painting above: it's one of my newest Mini-Masters and it's titled Paradise Can Be Yours and is a 6x6 oil on gallery wrapped canvas. This is another one of my North Shore Kauai paintings. When it's dry, I'll post a straight on view of this painting.

Now, that's looking up to a great 2010!!!

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