Monday, January 25, 2010

Paradise Cottage and the Dynamics of Squre Compositions

6"x6" oil painting titled "Paradise Cottage", awaiting a new home...
Painting can be purchased for $100 plus $6 s/h: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

Many of my recent paintings are square and I'm inspired to create many of my next wave of large oil paintings in the square format as well. I love the dynamic compositions and the contemporary feeling to the square shape. It is less traditional and can result in a big impact on a wall, if the piece is large in scale. You can even give a 'traditional' subject a very contemporary twist by painting it on a large square canvas, which is what I did today with my ongoing exotic flower series, which I'm preparing for my next two art shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Both my tropical flower paintings and island landscape paintings have adapted nicely to this format. I admit that it can be a challenge to make a square composition work but I enjoy challenges and I'm also aware that I employ my years of experience as a graphic designer in the process of selecting the final composition.

Over the past couple years, I've learned to literally see my world cropped within a zillion different dynamic compositions. My coconut palm portraits are likely responsible for my beginnings down this particular path because my goal was to capture the gesture of the palms in tall, skinny compositions. The tall skinny shapes are just as contemporary as the square shape and though much of my natural painting style is highly traditional in terms of technique, I use these interesting shapes to inspire me to go beyond the "traditional".

The painting above is titled Paradise Cottage and I've composed the composition with the plantation house at the very bottom of the canvas, with only a sliver of the grass line. These paintings are all created on what is called "Gallery Wrapped Canvas" and this does give the painting a stronger 3D presence on the wall. The grass and beach lines continue on through the bottom of the canvas so depending on your perspective, the scene looks very complete.

Hope you've enjoyed my little slice of paradise for today!

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