Monday, May 17, 2010

Beachside Bliss detail and Twitter nettiquite

Detail of 'Beachside Bliss', 36"x24" oil on gallery wrapped canvas, awaiting a new home...
Painting can be purchased from: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

I must confess, I'm not exactly in love with Twitter...but I do participate on the platform. The reasons for my less than amorous feelings have more to do with how many fellow Twitter people find fans. One behavior that simply drives me crazy is when a person 'follows' you, you then get the email (and I always follow legitimate people back) but then you get a second email saying that they are now following you.

Did you follow that (no pun intended)?!!

What's going on is that after they've initially followed you so that you receive email about them, they then delete you from their list to pump their numbers up. Some decide to re-follow when you've signed up to get their streams...they are counting on the fact that a percentage will follow back but really, how is that a good way to reach people? Do these Twitter crazy people really think that others don't notice this same exact pattern?

What they are trying to accomplish is to show that they are popular and therefore, they must be worth following. It's kind of shallow considering how many people have the same exact businesses on Twitter. I mean, how effective is this obsession for most? Probably not enough to justify the time many can sink to gain followers who don't really connect with their product (like I need a get-rich-quick plan or like I need another protein-power-max-drink).

Thank you for not taking this rant to must post on Twitter...

The above image is a section of a new larger painting titled 'Beachside Bliss'.

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