Thursday, May 06, 2010

Your Island Beach and Making Designs Work

6"x6" oil painting titled "Your Island Beach", awaiting a new home...
Painting can be purchased for $100 plus $6 s/h: from the artist, Jenny Floravita

This has been a very busy month of commissions for both of my painted glass chandeliers and my oil paintings. One project in particular had brought back memories to my earlier years as a graphic designer. At the time I had been out of college for about 4 years and I was designing for a studio in which the owner was a very talented designer in her own right. She taught me that no matter how many ways you could design something (could be anything like an ad, brochure, logo, etc...) that there was always yet another way.

Basically, I learned to always 'stretch my brain' in terms of design. I take that early lesson for granted as it comes naturally now. There's always a way to make another element fit or to rearrange information even when you've been through several rounds of innovative comps with the client.

These days I use my design skills on a regular basis. I use them in my printed collateral and in the printed collateral that I create for other artists and group art events, I use my design skills in my paintings when imagining a dynamic composition, in my chandeliers to give them that "wow" factor and I use them in commissions. Commissioned paintings can be especially challenging because you have to envision what the client is envisioning or you have the added challenge of taking an image and making it fit into a different shape or shapes (multiple canvases) to fit a wall space.

Looking back, I'm very thankful for my early life as a designer. Knowledge and experience are two things that I know are on my plate. They give me the confidence to know that I can create a commissioned painting with success.

A bit about the above painting: I don't have a side picture but the island house wrapped around the canvas. I sold this a couple weekends ago at a festival and it was an especially nice piece.

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